Help your feet this summer

Feet are for life,not just for spring or summer.

As soon as the spring arrives we start to see patients who come to our practices wanting to make their feet presentable for sandals, holidays and parties after a long winter of neglect and being stuffed into shoes and boots.

Being medical health professionals, we naturally see conditions which cause pain and discomfort and can be debilitating due to an unavoidable combination of factors but we do also see many problems which are due to poor foot care and neglect! 

Since good foot care habits can in some cases prevent problems all together, we are always keen to advise on self-help.

As it is coming to that warmer (hopefully!) time of year, this is a great time to give you some top tips on foot care.

Feet are for life….not just for the spring and summer….so look after them throughout the year, and if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to call us for help.

Here are some tips to get you started on the road to happier and healthier feet.

Cut toe nails before a bath or shower using nail nippers, we tend to discourage the use of clippers and nail  scissors as they are not always easy to control and are ineffective if   you have very thick and hard nails. 

 Follow the shape of the nail but do not cut down the sides. 

 Use a nail file to remove sharp corners.  

 Do not cut nails too short, the free end of the nail should be level with the tip of your toe. 

 Do not leave nail varnish on for weeks or even months as the water-proof layer of varnish can cause the nail   underneath to become damaged, discoloured and in poor  condition. 

 If the nails are brittle, discoloured and in poor condition, apply a nail conditioner after washing.

 We have a special service where we can show you how to do this, using the instruments and nail care products that  we recommend.  

Skin care is vital to maintaining comfortable feet and preventing dry skin, painful heel cracks / fissures which can become infected. Lightly file dry and cracked skin especially around the heels before washing, do not use harsh ‘cheese grater type files as they can tear and damage the skin.

 Dry feet thoroughly.

Apply a moisturising heel balm daily. If you have corns, callosities, athlete’s foot, verrucae or cracked heels you would benefit from a visit to the  podiatrist as they can help with these conditions as well as assess for any underlying causes and then provide advice of self-help and long term management.



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